"AWAY FROM KEYBOARD (AFK) RESIDENCY", 2020 - AppleButter Animated at WNDR Museum Chicago
"AWAY FROM KEYBOARD (AFK) RESIDENCY", 2020 - AppleButter Animated at WNDR Museum Chicago

AFK Residency

"AWAY FROM KEYBOARD (AFK) RESIDENCY", 2020 - AppleButter Animated

AFK Residency is a non-traditional residency where an artist in residence is chosen by AppleButter and WNDR to create work and have it programmed and displayed at WNDR Museum over a two or three month period.

The chosen artists develop an initial idea while ABA works to enhance and program the works for the painting machines. Using digital, robotic, and physical means, ABA and the artist residents enable conversations, performances, and variable image making daily. These works explore the power of creative automation and the future of labor, all while the artist feels present, distant, and archived. The world is more automated than ever. Many today find our leisure to be the most automated and optimized activity. We spend our time in a designed-to-be frictionless attention economy that’s intertwined with labor and sold as play. All while labor continues to feel unending and undervalued. Do the efficiencies of today give us space for pleasure or simply allow us more time in an endless production loop?

AFK Residency works to reclaim the momentum of automation with a focus on explorative output and purposeful leisure for its residents. This project enables a range of artists to experiment with automation technology and to speculate on the distant, satellite studio that allows untethered and unattended rendering.

About the Artist

AppleButter Animated is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary animation studio founded by Megan Jedrysiak and Jackson Ammenheuser as a space to develop concepts, create fresh ideas, and provide valuable content to businesses and organizations.