"ANTIBODIES", 2021 - WNDR Studios at WNDR Museum Chicago
"ANTIBODIES", 2021 - WNDR Studios at WNDR Museum Chicago


"ANTIBODIES", 2021 - WNDR Studios

ANTIBODIES is an interactive experience in the form of a never-ending video call that was
born during quarantine as a way to replace a physical exhibition.

The concept of replacing social gatherings with video calls seemed to perfectly echo
replacing the physical art installation with a virtual one. This is how ANTIBODIES was born:
an online interactive artwork that can be accessed by anyone at any time. A two part
experience, it takes the form of a never-ending video conference call. In Part 1, you are
confronted with your own image filmed by your webcam, while a software tracks your
facial gestures and responds with overlaid patterns. Part 2 takes you to the “conference
room” where you get to witness the recordings of all the people who participated in the
experience, yourself included. This virtual get-together ANTIBODIES highlights the main
difference between real-life gatherings and virtual ones: in real life you only see others
around you, never yourself, whereas in this “new normal” scenario you are also in the
crowd you perceive, you see how others see you, and that may generate a plethora of
emotions from vulnerability all the way to empowerment. The experience also addresses
the theme of privacy and other things we had to give up in quarantine.

“All our installations occupy public spaces, so during lockdown we had to occupy a space
the audience could come to: the virtual space” – Daniel Iregui

About the Artist

Studio Iregular is a Montreal-based studio working at the intersection of art and
technology, using code-driven and real-time mindsets. Creators of audiovisual
experiences, Iregular's work combines geometry, typography, light, and sound with
software, mathematics, and algorithms.