"LANDS", 2021 - WNDR Studios at WNDR Museum Chicago
"LANDS", 2021 - WNDR Studios at WNDR Museum Chicago


"LANDS", 2021 - WNDR Studios

In response to the CD-rom installation on the walls, SONDE artist collective (Olivia Block
and Stephan Moore) created LANDS, a touchless interactive sound and light installation.

LANDS features eight speakers playing sounds from used, scratched and subsequently
painted compact discs, purchased at thrift stores, and recorded playing on compact
“discman” players. The “redacted” thrift store CD covers are featured in framed prints on
the wall.

A touchless interactive component allows the museum-goer to combine and process the
glitching sounds and activate lights by raising and lower their hands above the four points
on each pedestal. As proximity sensors detect movement, sonic variables are altered, and
lights flicker and change.

Through the improvised processing of the skipping sounds and multicolor lights, the
museum-goer creates individual disco dance rooms. New rhythms, textures, and
reflections are discovered, further transforming the source sounds into dense, ethereal
drone-like soundscapes, as the lights pulse and shift under the control of the visitor.
LANDS engages themes related to physical media, consumer waste, media obsolescence,
and the social history of physical objects. Additionally, LANDS emphasizes the ability of
artistic intervention to change and add meaning to cast-off objects in our consumer
culture landscape

About the Artist

SONDE is a media arts collective formed in 2020. SONDE currently includes artists Olivia
Block and Stephan Moore