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Not So Frequently Asked Questions about WNDR Museum Chicago


Will I find love at WNDR?

Find yourself and love will follow.

You are the reason I write this question.

You are the reason we read these questions.

What is contemporary about art?

We are able to create works so that the form they are given works together with the substance of the intention or intuition to produce a third meaning- growing with the rapidly changing world around us.

If all hope is lost, can I turn to you?

We are here for the lost ones. Let's hang onto each other.

Can I contact WNDR by telepathy?

Yes, be prepared for our response by telepathy.

Will the WNDR Museum change my life?

We have been known to do so.

Can I install my own artwork in the museum?

Keep making until you die.

I experienced WNDR and all I got was this lousy FAQ!

If you behaved nicely, these FAQs wouldn't exist. We expected you to cure world hunger and all we got was this lousy question.

Why do you have a line around my block every day of the week?

You are your own worst enemy.

Turn down the WNDR! I'll call the cops.

Cranking it up to 11 as as speak.

Does WNDR have gravity?

When you lose gravity, WNDR will lose it with you.

What is WNDR's favorite color?

We believe in every color.

Does WNDR create new ideas? I'm afraid of old ones.

In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy.

When I grow up can I be in your museum?

Art is for everybody. Even if you aren't here, you're in our hearts.

Does WNDR believe in art or artists?

Forget yourself. Become one with eternity. Become part of your environment.

If only WNDR would realize they are WNDR(FUL) : )

Why thank you! It's a WNDR(FUL) thing to be you.

Will WNDR exist forever?

We rarely delve into arcane things.

Is WNDR haunted?

Isn't everyone?

Can I bring my dog/cat/hamster/fish? I will put them in a carrier!

Unfortunately not. We love our pets too, but WNDR is a very high sensory experience and will probably traumatize your animal. Only service animals are allowed entry into WNDR.

Can I bring a folding chair?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate a folding chair as WNDR is a linear experience and it will interfere with other guests’ experiences.

How can I get featured on your Instagram?

Take a great picture and tag us with #wndrmuseum

What does WNDR stand for?

It stands for WNDR.

How do you pronounce WNDR?


Why did I only get one minute in the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room “Let’s Survive Forever”?

The one minute time limitation in Let’s Survive Forever is a rule instituted by Kusama herself. Many Kusama infinity rooms only allow 30 seconds!

Are you open rain or shine?

Yes, WNDR is an indoor experience and is open when it rains.

I want to come straight from the airport/train station. Can’t you just hold my suitcase for me?

Unfortunately not, but we are so happy that you are so eager to come visit us!

I bought a ticket for *insert time here* and your website says you are open but the internet says you aren’t open! Why would you sell me a ticket for a time you aren’t open?

If you were able to buy a ticket, we are open.

My ticket time is right before you close! Will I only have 15 minutes in the museum?

Our closing time indicates when the doors are closed for entry. You will be able to take your time to experience the museum.

Can I bring my 2 month old?

Technically, yes. However, WNDR is an extremely high sensory experience. Ultimately, it is your call but we would advise against it