As an Ambassador of the wndr museum, you’ll play an integral part in shaping the entire guest experience, offering service, storytelling, and hospitality with a dose of humor and humanity, from the moment guests step off the street and into our space. The Ambassador will report to the Floor Managers for day-to-day operations and the Visitor Services lead for museum policies and procedures.

ambassador lead

As an Ambassador Lead of the wndr museum, you will assist Floor Managers in maintaining the museum floor, keeping the environment organized and ready for guests. The Ambassador Lead is responsible for facilitating the exhibit and program experiences of guests by providing an additional degree of organization and leadership to floor shifts. They will work closely with Floor Managers, Ambassadors to create a welcoming, safe, accessible, playful environment and inspire curiosity in wndr’s diverse and multi-generational audiences.

floor manager

The Floor Manager at the wndr museum is a steward of the space who oversees day-to-day operations of the museum floor, supervising Ambassadors and Ambassador Leads and working closely with Facilities to maintain and organize the museum floor. Floor Managers ensure that operating hours on the museum floor run smoothly in order to deliver quality experiences and stellar customer service to wndr’s diverse and multi-generational range of visitors. The Floor Manager supervises the Ambassadors and Ambassador Leads for day-to-day operations and reports directly to the Visitor Services Lead (VSL).